EA and Ridgeline Partnership may introduce Battlefield 2042 with Single Player Campaigns

Battlefield will be able to get single-player narrative campaigns in the future as EA Partners with Ridgeline Games Over the years, each Battlefield campaign has received largely positive reviews.

Battlefield 2042 will be bringing back single-player campaigns. EA now reveals that Ridgeline Games will lead the single-player mode. Ridgeline Games, which is headed by Marcus Lehto (halo creator), is the latest addition to EA’s development teams.

After more than 20 years of working with the developer, DICE is leaving. This was one of the most important characters in Battlefield. Lars Gustavsson is well-known for his role in studio design. He decided to move on and use his talents elsewhere.

We must remember to be grateful for everyone who has brought us to Battlefield. Lars Gustavsson was a veteran of the business and is affectionately called Mr. Battlefield. He decided that he was ready to embark on an adventure. We are grateful for his many years of friendship, knowledge, and experience.

Although Gustavssons’ announcement was delayed for a long time, Lars dedicated his entire life to Battlefield. He was proud of how it got to the current title. We are delighted to pass on the baton to the next generation of Battlefield developers at the DICE Ripple Effect Industrial Toys Ridgeline Games and Ripple Effect.

Battlefield 2042 with Single Player Campaigns
Battlefield Bad Company 2. Credit: EA DICE.

For Battlefield, the responsibility lies with the first residents of Respawns Vince Zampella and DICEs Rebecka Courtasz, Ripple E Studios, Christian Grass, and Industrial Toys Alex Seropian.

The studio is based in Seattle and includes industry veterans. It will focus on single-player experiences on Battlefield. DICE and Ripple effect will collaborate with the studio on the series.

The multiplayer mode is the most beloved aspect of the franchise. However, many fans also love the campaign in games such as Battlefield 2042, the latest installment in the series, which abandoned the campaign entirely in favor of a more expansive multiplayer mode. This seems to have had moderate success following a difficult launch.

Battlefield brings back single-player campaigns with Ridgeline Studios taking the lead. Battlefield 2042’s launch was a controversial topic in gaming. The game didn’t have the polish expected for a title this large and did not include enough new features. We discussed how the game is likely to gain momentum after its launch, once the developers have addressed the multitude of issues.

DICE, Ripple effect, and other studios involved with the project have been tirelessly working on it to provide updates and bring the game up to standard. After almost a year, the game has gained momentum and found its feet.

Although the return of single-player campaigns may not be enough to win over disgruntled gamers, it is a significant step in the right direction. It will be interesting for the studio to decide whether they are working on a campaign in 2042 or creating a completely new game.

Battlefield 2042 – Creative Director resigned from EA

Lars Gustavsson, long-serving creative director of ‘Battlefield,’ leaves Dice

Battlefield Creative Director Lars Gustavsson has resigned from EA Dice in search of a “new adventure,” and is parting ways with the company he’s worked with for more than 20 years.

EA published Gustavsson’s departure in a blog post yesterday, September 8.

“Creative director Lars Gustavsson has been with the franchise from the beginning and is affectionately called Mr. Battlefield,” stated Battlefield general manager Byron Beede. We would like to express our gratitude for his valuable experience, expertise, friendship, and support throughout the years.”

Beede said Gustavsson had “devoted a substantial portion his life to Battlefield” and was proud to have helped make the franchise what it is today.

Battlefield 2042 with Single Player Campaigns
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.

Gustavsson was the lead multiplayer designer at Dice and he directed many of the most popular entries. Gustavsson was Battlefield 3’s lead multiplayer designer and he directed Bad Company 2 from 2010 to 2010.

Beede also confirmed that Battlefield will be getting a new “narrative Campaign” from Ridgeline Games. Ridgeline Games is the studio of Halo creator Marcus Lehto.
Beede shared that Marcus will bring his long history of creating captivating worlds and compelling narratives to Battlefield. He’ll be supported by a top-class team and will lead the charge for developing a narrative campaign in the Battlefield universe to engage fans in new ways while keeping true to the original elements of the series.

EA also stated that they are working with “multiple studios under the leadership of industry veterans to create a connected Battlefield universe”, though Ridgeline’s game has not been revealed.

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