Volcanic Eruptions That Caused Some Of The Most Severe Mass Extinctions On Earth

Major volcanic eruptions have been a part of Earth’s history. Some of these eruptions caused so much climatic and biological disruption that they drove some of the most destructive extinction events in Earth’s history. Scientists now have new information on the likely cause and timing of these events, which occurred many millions of years ago. … Read more

Predicting Behavior and Health Of Individuals Using Machine Learning: Why Do Brain Models Fail?

Scientists have used machine learning to understand how the brain creates complex human characteristics. This has revealed patterns of brain activity that are associated with actions like working memory, traits like impulsivity, as well as conditions such depression. These models can be used by scientists to predict people’s behavior, and even their health. It only … Read more

Making Hacking Impossible – Quantum Cryptography

A better version of quantum key distribution. Highly sensitive data is abundant on the Internet. Advanced encryption techniques ensure that this sensitive data cannot be read or intercepted. High-performance quantum computers will be able to break these keys in seconds in the future. It is fortunate, therefore, that quantum mechanical methods offer not only new, … Read more

How to make recycled plastics from CO2 to slow climate changes

It’s morning, and you are waking up on a foam mattress partially made from greenhouse gas. You don a T-shirt and slip-on sneakers that contain carbon dioxide from factory emissions. After a hard run, you stop to get a cup of coffee and then throw the cup in the trash. You are confident that it … Read more

Scientists Find the Largest Omnivore in the World at 60 Feet

Whale sharks are the largest omnivore in the ocean, according to marine biologists. According to marine biologists, whale sharks eat plants making them the largest omnivore in the world. Whale sharks are filter feeders and have been seen eating krill in Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. At the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, whale sharks ate … Read more

Phase 4 Moon Mission Approved | Chinese Scientists Discover New Mineral

Changesite-Y was found in soil samples taken from the moon. Chinese scientists have found and identified the sixth lunar mineral, a remarkable feat in their moon research. China will launch three unmanned missions on the moon in the next 10 year as it seeks out to compete with the US in space exploration. According to … Read more

Falcon 9 SpaceX’s BlueWalker 3 is the largest commercial communication array till now

Falcon 9 Launch bluewalker spacex

This was SpaceX’s 41st rocket launch in 2022. It also set more than one record for the company. SpaceX put a brand new, and enormous, commercial communications satellite in orbit late Saturday. It also set a new Falcon 9 rocket launch record. The Falcon 9 was launched from Pad 39A, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in … Read more

NASA spacecraft will intentionally crash into an asteroidal to save Earth

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft (DART), is now within reach of its target. The probe will crash into Dimorphos in 17 days. It is a natural satellite from the asteroid of Didymos. Don’t panic. NASA will purposely crash a $330million robot spacecraft into an asteroidal object in the coming weeks. This is to test … Read more

Antarctica’s Threat to billions of lives ‘Thwaites Glacier’ is Melting Down sea levels would rise about 25 inches

Thwaites Glacier is now boiling and everyone knows that it is a threat to their lives. According to some reputed Scientists or Experts if this Glacier meltdowns or breaks into parts and floats out to the water then it would highly impact sea levels. As if water levels going to rise then it would be … Read more