iOS 16: Everything you need to know about Apple’s major update

Software upgrades are free for iPhone and Watch. They can change the lock screen, add new watch faces and send messages. Apple will release software updates on Monday for its iPhone and smartwatch, adding new features to compatible devices.

Apple’s June developer conference announced that iOS 16 and watchOS 9, completely change the lock screen and attempt to remove the widely-respected password, revamp notifications and add new watch faces and running statistics, respectively.

Here are the latest updates. What time can I get it?

WatchOS and iOS updates are usually available at 6 p.m. UK time (New York, 3 a.m. Sydney).

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All eligible Apple devices can download and install the update immediately, unlike other manufacturers. Apple’s iPad range updates will be available later this year.

What devices are capable of getting it?

iOS 16 can be installed on all Apple smartphones starting with the 2017 iPhone 8 and newer. All Apple Watches with Series 4 or higher can install watchOS 9.

How can I do it?

Open the Settings app for an iPhone and navigate to General > Software update. To install, tap install if it is available. After verifying, reboot. The update can be installed via iTunes or a Mac on a Windows PC.

WatchOS 9 requires that you have an iPhone 8 or older running iOS 16 before installing. Open the Watch app, then navigate to General > Software Update. To complete the update, you will need to place the smartwatch on the charger.

What is the cost of this? Apple will provide the update at no cost. It is possible that you will be asked to pay to update your device.

iOS 16 New Lock Screen and Other Updates

The lock screen has been redesigned with more personalization and changes in how notifications are displayed.

It now displays the date, the time, and a row of information widgets at its top. Notifications are organized into groups starting at the bottom. You can modify the font and color of your time, add additional information, or customize the wallpaper by adding a 3D effect to some images or a slideshow.

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Live activities such as music playing or sports scores are located above the notification stack at bottom of the screen. This makes them easier to reach with one hand.

Multiple lock screens can be linked to focus modes, so you could have one for work and another for personal use. Focus filters can be used to hide distracting content in apps. For example, you could block messages from colleagues at work when you are not working.


Instead of entering a password, digital keys that are authenticated with your fingerprint or face on an iPhone can be used for signing into websites, apps, and services. This will also work with non-Apple products. For example, you can log into a smart TV using a QR code that the iPhone scans and confirms with your finger or face.

Passkeys can be synced with iCloud Keychain. They can also be recovered if your iPhone is lost or damaged.

Mail: Edit iMessages, unsend

You can edit or delete messages sent within the last 15 minutes. For later use, you can mark unread messages with an “unread” icon.

The Mail app now allows you to search and cancel an email in less than 10 seconds. Mail will warn you if you fail to attach an item to your email or add a recipient via machine learning.

Automated cutting out objects from images

You can also copy objects in the foreground of images such as people, pets, and products, and then paste them or share them with other apps, documents, or messages.

This allows you to identify, copy and paste the text.

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You can also use the keyboard to type and dictate simultaneously, and you can insert emojis by speaking. The translate app also uses the camera to translate text live or find text in photographs.

Security Updates Faster

Apple has now separated security updates and full iOS updates. This allows it to quickly release bug fixes and then have them installed on iPhones. The new Face ID function will work even when the phone is in landscape orientation.

Iphones eligibility for the latest OS update iOS 16

Apple has released the iOS update for some older iPhone models. This is a good thing. There are around 18 eligible iPhone models on the list. The iOS 16 update will be available for iPhone 8 and all other latest devices, including the iPhone SE edition. Below is a complete list of eligible iPhone models that are eligible for the latest iOS update.

-iPhone 8 (iPhone 8 Plus)

-iPhone X

-iPhone XR

-iPhone XS

-iPhone XS Max

-iPhone 11

-iPhone 11 Pro

Credit: Apple

-iPhone 11 Pro Max

-iPhone 12

-iPhone 12 Mini

-iPhone 12 Pro

-iPhone 12 Pro Max

-iPhone 13

-iPhone mini

-iPhone 13 Pro

-iPhone 13 Pro Max

-iPhone SE 2020

-iPhone SE (2022).

The entire iPhone 14 range comes with iOS 16 out of the box. This series features four new models, including the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Auto-update will automatically update eligible iPhone models to the latest iOS version if enabled. You can also check the Software section in the Settings app. Before installing the update, make sure to connect your phone to a stable WiFi network. Before installing the update, you must back up all data.

OS 9: Redesigned Watches And New Watch Faces

There are three new watch faces available. Metropolitan is an analog face that can be customized with more options. Playtime, a digital face by Joi Fulton, is available. Lunar also includes the phases and moon phases. Astronomy has been redesigned. You can now create colored backgrounds for modular compact, modular, and X-Large.

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Notifications are no longer a dominant feature of the screen when you are actively using them. Instead, they appear as smaller banners that can expand as on an iPhone. The dock is more visible for apps running in the background. Additionally, the calendar app has been redesigned to provide better week- and day views.

Running Metrics That Are Higher And More Effective For Running

There are many enhancements to the workout app. The watch can track running power and can display additional metrics like stride length, ground contact times, vertical oscillation, heart rate zones, and more.

Credit: Apple

You can also customize your workouts to include intervals, power, cadence, and heart rate alerts. Multisport is now possible with automatic transitions between running and cycling, while enhanced workout summaries give more details at the end.

Sleep And Medication

The app on the iPhone can remind you to take your medication and track your progress right from your wrist. The app for iPhone also offers improved sleep tracking, including comparison charts and stages.

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